Wednesday, April 24, 2019

User Centred Design for Web Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

User Centred Design for Web - Coursework instanceThe test was carried out by having the site on a computer and then supplying the spring chicken with the scenario. The young was told why he was supposed to carry out the activeness. The developers had to stay aside and watch how the youth carried out the activity. The sentence that was taken by the youth to complete the activity had to be recorded. The more time the youth took to carry out an activity meant how hard navigation on the p ripen was. Think obstreperously Technique This technique was to involve the moderate of the management committee. The method was chosen because it allowed the chairman to talk forte of what he was doing in the website. The chairman was chosen because he was seen to be the person who would be more proxy of the elderly Sudanese member visiting the site. The valuation was carried out by having the paper prototype prompt and given to the chairman. The task of finding and uploading pictures within the gallery was to be carried out using the prototype. The developers had to record the thoughts of the chairman as he carried out the activity. The record would convey how the chairman intended to carry out the activity and the way he carried them using the site. The efficiency of the recording had to be ensured by having an audio recorder and in any case one of the developers writing down the important points. These will be evaluated later after the test. Lessons Learned The evaluation technique was a success because it identified main areas of weakness of our site. The evaluation technique arrived at changes to be carried on the site. One of the changes was on the gallery page. People suggested that a transformation tool needed to be included in the gallery. This tool would enable them make any changes to their pictures after uploading them on the site. The gallery overly needed an additional feature to enable visitors label their pictures once they were online. Change on the m enu was withal identified. People suggested that they required the horizontal menu added at the top of the page. They claimed the horizontal menu is universal and that is the origin menu they look for in a site. The evaluation was an eye opener how developers make software having themselves as the users in the mind. This thought makes them make complex software that can only be used by experts in the field. One of the place is the gallery where the group though that any user would have emended their picture before uploading it on the site which was wrong. It also brought to my attention how diverse users have different call for when using the same software. This was seen by seeing those activities being carried by the youths were different from those the elderly group required. fellowship gained from the evaluation would be used in future in determining selection criteria of evaluators of software. The criteria will incessantly take into consideration the age as a factor. Thi s is because different people in different age groups like to carry out activities in different modes. In future the evaluation technique would be carried out using multiple evaluation techniques. This is because each evaluation technique identified new errors in the system that meaning the more the evaluation technique the more the improvement would be carried out on the system. This ensures maximum satisfaction of the clients with the system. Reflections on the design process The design process played a major part in testing my leadership skills. This was done because the whole development process involved interacting with different people who acted different. I had to take the

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